How to Make a Website with WordPress Hosting and 1 click Install


A step by step guide to build and launch a blog website 

Hi, my name is Jeff

Hi, my name is Jeff

My online guide’s has helped launch over 5,000 +  Websites so far.

I have written this FREE guide to help anyone – from bloggers to business owners and You – to start your own website or blog without having to learn code.It doesn’t matter if you are in US, Australia or UK  or somewhere else this guide will help you.

Believe it or not, but most of you will succeed and will not even need to hire a web designer, using the featured popular wordpress website hosting platform.

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How to Make a Website with WordPress Hosting and 1 click Install

by | Jan 9, 2018

 This FREE blog and website setup guide is for everyone because :

Its Beginner friendly

I have written this guide  in  detail, yet made it very easy to understand , free from jargon and technical language.

I'm available

I’m online and available to answer any  questions you have   to start your website.

Ultimate WordPress Guide

It  covers setting up wordpress CMS from start to finish, which is the most popular website software.

If you have come here looking to start a new blog or business website you have come to the right place.

I have tons of experience building wordpress websites here in Australia and will help you succeed. I will cover  domain names, blogging platforms, hosting providers and this  beginner guide to get you started – building your first wordpress blog. I still remember the first time I started building a website was in the 56k modem era, when dial up was our internet and speeds were slow, daymmmm slow. Today its 2018 and we have NBN.


I actually built my first website learning html by myself and coding my website from scratch. I’d like to think it was a pretty good effort at that time.

Fast forward today and I don’t need to code anymore or learn html and neither do you, because there is WORDPRESS. This is one of the easiest website building software available today, which makes it easy to install, set up and maintain a website all by yourself. And its all done by easy point and click of your mouse.

To start off, you will need a good domain name or blog name  which is also your web address and a good website hosting platform provider.  Below, I will feature step by step guides to install your wordpress platform which can be used as a blog, a professional looking business website, a portfolio  website or any other designed blog. All you need for  this is too add a great design /look to your website, this can be done by suing the hundreds of free wordpress themes (wp) or choosing a good paid WP theme.

While there are many free blogging platform like  below , I recommend starting with  a paid self hosted wordpress as you will own your own blog and content and there is no risk of google or tumblr , the free platform owners deleting  your blog due to violating some publishing policy of theirs.

Some Free blogging sites

WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) for starting a  website or blogging and is supported by most website hosting providers. Read below  to find out  how to set up  your own self hosted  wp blog.

We will also feature everything related to wordpress like review of awesome WP themes, WP plugins and software or scripts to enhance and promote your website or blog.

So how do you go about building a website ?

The first and most important thing that you need to create a  successful wordpress website is  a server  supporting wordpress, and a nice domain name. They are many factors that you should take into consideration when you are choosing a hosting provider like speed of host, server up time, bandwidth they provide, disk-space for your webpages, if 1 click install is included and if the provider covers all these basic features.

Cpanel and Auto install scripts  are important to getting your WP website easily installed. Most of the providers listed below have these features in their webhosting plans.

The next question you would probably ask is – Should I buy my hosting locally in AUSTRALIA or from US companies?

So below we will dive right into that and talk about that.

The Top 3 essential steps  to make your website are as below

web-hosting servers and uptime

Choosing The Best Hosting

choosing domain names

Choosing A Domain Name

web site

Installing A Website

Choosing Your WordPress Web Host

Australian Server or US Hosting Server

When your hosting your first ever website or even second one, this is a question many webpage builders or webmasters will consider. Where shall my website be hosted –  in Australia or USA. The hosting industry is dominated by “US WordPress Webhosting” companies and that gives them the pricing advantage.

When we say hosted, it means all your website files would be stored in that country’s servers and the IP would also be from that country, even though you own all your own files.

What difference does it make If your hosting is in Australia ?

The advantages are:

Or – If your hosting is in US If you would ask my opinion for webhosting for a beginner website, you could easily go with one of the US shared plans for hosting and you can get your first site started real cheap compared to some aussie hosts.

Shared hosting plans are always cheaper than dedicated hosting or Virtual private server packages and it is most suitable for beginners websites  and people who are on a budget.

Easy Website Building Software

The good thing is that if you start your website with wordpress software, it becomes easy to move your existing  “Australian wordpress” website from one hosting company to another webhosting service easily.

So if you’re not getting a good service from your current host,  just switch providers.  I do recommend starting your new website with wordpress rather than Joomla or Drupal CMS as it’s the easiest D.I.Y web building software and you can easily manage it yourself.

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What Webhosting would I recommend to start your website or blog ?

As I manage quite a few webpages, I have currently webhosting plans with hostgator, bluehost and go daddy among some other hosts too.  But if you ask me which one I would recommend, it has to be

Why – Simple because they are good, they will get the job done and if your traffic grows to a much larger level, you can always upgrade to a superior package to suite your needs. I have been using them for a while now and have had no problems with them  with their shared plans. Thier pricing plans and domain name deals make it an ideal choice to get started on a budget.

To Install WordPress on Your Godaddy Hosting Account

With 1 click install, setting up a website becomes easy. You just need to  login to your hosting account  area click on the  install wordpress button  and the magic begins. Below is  the process in a little more detail.

1 First Click here <- to get the $1 Hosting + free domain Deal

2 Next- Choose/Select a domain name and hosting deal ( domain names are not available with this deal but you can buy it separately) 

3 Register with your email while buying. 

4 Log in to your GoDaddy account. 

5 Click Web Hosting. 

6 Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Manage. 

7 In the Popular Apps section, click WordPress. 

8 Click Install Now. 

9 Complete the on-screen fields, and then click OK:That’s it! 

10 Write down the password and login and you are set , when you get the install complete email login with that url

WordPress will  now be installed to your hosting account with the options you selected within 24 hours sometimes within minutes . When it is complete, you will receive a confirmation email to the email you provided.

If you need a more detailed guide for install/setup of  the website with pictures, check  out this link here.

Why do I recommend Godaddy over bluehost and hostgator for your first website ?

The reasons for this is very simple. Price does matter and godaddy has the best deal if you are starting on a budget. Why would you like to be tied up to a higher monthly amount when you are just starting and you are really not sure if you will achieve success with your new venture.

Godaddy has domain names for as low as 0.99 cents and if you’re lucky you still might be able to get their $1 deal (Hosting + domain name + email) to get started today.

Plain and simple, the price is cheap and they do the job. I have 6 sites of mine hosted on godaddy and have had  no issues.

Bluehost and Hostgator are also good alternatives if you can afford the slightly higher price tag of Bluehost $3.95 a month and $5.95 a month. In fact Bluehost recently upgraded their servers, so it’s a good choice if you want a slightly more premium host. They both feature the 1 click WP install.

Why choose WordPress ?

There are many platforms or CMS software for building websites like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and many more that you can use to build your first website, but I recommend WordPress.

I have used many of the other alternatives and they are a bit more involved to use, lack features  and SEO compatibility and a bit more fiddly to get stuff done on these otherr platforms.  I will go into more details about these other platforms below, but here are some reasons why I choose WordPress.

Reasons why I would choose wordpress!

  • Ease of Use 90%
  • 1 Click Install 100%
  • 1 Click Theme Template Install 80%
  • Thousands of Free Plugins 70%
  • Suitable for all types of websites 90%

Why would I choose wordpress over joomla, drupal or wix or weebly.

Ease of use

I have used many website builders in the last 10 years (including joomla, wix, weebly) and nothing beats wordpress in ease of use and functionality. They have managed to simplify the process of publishing, Improving web design and adding functionality constantly –  so that even a beginner can easily set it all up and modify things as they wish.

1 click install

Not many people highlight this fact, but this one is super important – 1 click install is something that’s not offered by wordpress, but it’s something offered by your hosting server like Godaddy or Bluehost. If your webhosting service has 1 click install – you can get your WP website installed quickly in a few clicks. I will cover more of the different types of hosting below.


1 Click Webdesign

Did you know that you can change the whole look of your website with 1 click in wordpress. The web design with these WP websites work on a template/theme system. You can just choose a free WP theme design from within your  WP website themes admin area and click activate theme to change the whole website look and design.

You get Free themes with many different designs and templates, photography website themes, cooking website themes, blog themes, technology website templates, online shop design themes etc. I prefer to purchase my wp themes from elegant themes as they come at an affordable price and you get a large range of different professional theme designs for just one $79 yearly fee.

I prefer paid as they update their themes on a regular basis as opposed to free themes. The paid themes also offer much robust support compared to free themes if you run into any problems /issues with the design or theme.


1 Click Plugins + add functionality

Plugin is the best system ever invented for websites and this system is unique to wordpress.  You get different plugins  that do different tasks eg. – you can get an seo plugin that does SEO for your wordpress website, you can get a shopping cart plugin that can add a shopping cart  to your website, you can get a  security plugin that can make your wp website more secure,  you can get a gallery plugin to make your website into a photo gallery.

There are thousands of plugins for wordpress, and so you can extend the functionality of wordpress with just a 1 click install of a plugin or design template. You might have to adjust settings of the plugin/theme to make it work and customise it with your website, but the plugin developer normally provides instructions for that in wordpress or in their own website.

Again with plugins you get free and paid plugins and I use a mix of both of them as  they are plenty of Good freely available WP Plugins that your can add t your site via your website admin panel area.

Have you heard of Wix and Weebly?

Wix and Weebly are webpage building platforms for people who want to build websites with a drag and drop interface. Its pretty easy to use even though the functionality becomes limited with improving design. If you just want a simple easy basic website, then you might still get away with using these platforms.

Drupal and Joomla are good platforms for member websites and government portals . But it  just does not have as much support in relation to availability of plugins , add ins and  themes and templates  and so this definitely makes wordpress a better choice in comparison.

Choosing Your Domain Name

Buying a domain name

Yes this is also a crucial and important part of the process. Prices for a domain name are in the range of 99 cents to $24 depending on which domain name provider you choose and what type of domain you choose. Eg. .com or or .org or .net  Today they are many more domain extensions available like .me .blog .shop .online .tech etc

There are always deals on for the popular dot com domain extension, but you can often pick up .org or .net pretty cheap too.

What domain extension should I choose?

If you are a Australian website I do recommend you stick to domain extension

Why- Because it instantly gets recognised you as an Australian website and when you start writing content/articles for your website it will get favoured for search in Australian Google search.

The price difference – you can get a .com domain for 99 cents and a for $13 to $15 a year when there are good deals on. I suggest checking out as they register au domain sellers and often have great deals going on.

The good part is that they often have good deals bundling in a free domain name + hosting + free email which is great for a beginner website. Browse their deals here.


Why I recommend godaddy over bluehost and hostgator for website building

It’s simple – they get the job done and they are cheap. You might pay more and get some fancy bell and whistles with other providers, but do you really need it. Godaddy is cheap and they have 1 click install, to make building your site a breeze.

If you’re planning to build your first webpage or business site on a budget, this plan is definitely the one i would choose as it provides a Free domain name + wordpress-webhosting + Email for $1 . And you get it all together in 1 bundle, Get started here with it.

Different platforms for starting a website 


Drupal today is a robust website building software that has become easier to use over time. The learning curve for building with drupal is a bit more tough compared to WP, but then you can also customise drupal a bit different to wordpress.

Joomla makes a nice website software, but what it can even do better is become a good community news portal, and its membership plugin is inbuilt. Its a good platform to have a small private membership or group of people managing a website, but it can do much more than that. Check the joomla website here.


WordPress started as a blog software, but with rapid popularity as a website software it has grown into a  full website content management system, that can handle anything thrown at it. It is now embraced and used by many top websites like MTV,CNN and many more.

Comparison of popular webhosting prices for 2018

As you can see above, the  price range for some popular shared plans for website hosting. I will now get into more detail for the different kind of webhosting plans  you can choose from below, based on your needs.

Different kinds of hosting

There are different kind of hosting for different needs, a website with high volume of traffic would have different needs from one with just low amounts of traffic or just a beginner website. Most hosting providers do provide packages suitable for all levels, so even if your needs increase you can either purchase a new package from them or just upgrade to a better hosting plan with more features.

Shared hosting
This is one of the most popular website hosting plans for beginner websites, business websites and a blog. The shared hosting plans are cheaper because these servers are shared among many users and so they can offer cheaper prices. The features are normally the same as higher packages, but speed of server and disk space etc. are more with the other higher priced plans.

You could comfortably run a website with 10,000 hits a day with your shared plans, in fact many hosts allow you to run a couple of websites in your one hosting plan.

Price range for these plans can start from $1 to $5 a month

2018Dedicated Hosting

This is like an exclusive hosting for your business website or blog. You get exclusive server space access, so other people can’t use your space and slow you down. With these types of plans your website should always be speedy and running smoothly.
These plans are a bit on the higher price bracket at $49 to $129 or more.

VPS hosting

VPS means virtual private server. So this means that your website will be hosted one a virtual server just like we mention the cloud now days. Like shared hosting, VPS hosting puts your website on a server that also has other sites running on it, except that there are fewer sites per server. It’s like a in-between solution between shared and dedicated hosting

This hosting plans are usually from $29 a month to $59 a month

Managed or Optimized wordpress hosting

This is a new specific webhosting package created for wordpress. The optimised or managed hosting plans are both similar and same in nature. What these plans do is , they provide a server that is optimised to work with wordpress software, so that you can get more speed and value from the server and software. Often these plans use nginx to speed up server resources, or special caching codes/software to enhance your wordpress site performance

Price range for this is also between the wide $5 to $29 range

Can I Host Forums, Photo Galleries on my webhosting account ?
Once you purchase your hosting and domain name from godaddy, depending on the hosting plan you purchased you can install forums, professional image galleries, and much more on your hosting account. You can create sub domains to add more custom webpages or websites.

If you purchased a plan that allows more than one website to be hosted like this one, then you can have multiple websites from the one hosting account you purchased. I have used one hosting plan to install 10 different websites with domain names on 1 plan and it works beautifully.  Make sure when you purchase your hosting plan it does not specify that the plan is for only 1 website install.

Can I build a Successful website today ?

Yes! you sure can.

So what are you still doing here – Get started now!

All the best 🙂

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