Build a website for less than 2 Dollars a month

The first step in understanding how to build your website is to recognise the main goal your website is aimed to accomplish. Whether your goal is to display and sell products/services or just publish your personal web diary online.

Once you have defined the goal of your website, use that goal to decide which platform is going to be the best for you.

We recommend wordpress for all  new bloggers or even small businesses. WHY? because its easy to use  and  the most popular website software on the internet that can get you a professional looking website – that you can maintain yourself, if you choose to do it that way.

Below is the offer from to do just that, build a website  for just $1 a month or yearly $12.

Where would you get a$1/month Website Builder with a domain & email included.

Build your website in just a few minutes with customizable templates or with wordpress.

If you need  more info on setting up a blog using go daddy, check out our post here or our video over here .

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