Hi my name is jeff  jeff meand I have been blogging for a while now and have built numerous websites with wordpress, html, javascript  and html5.

If you have come here searching  for some tips to start a new website or online shop or  your small biz website, then  you have arrived at the right place. I built this blog specially  to guide people  to build their  1st website the easy and quick way

I have heaps of experience building Html, Javascript, CSS and also  wordpress (WP) websites and will surely help you succeed in your new adventure. Today its easy-peasy to create a blog with WP and you don’t need to know html, or coding to start a website, In fact you just need to know to click and  follow instructions online to build one.

I still remember the first time I started building my first personal web-blog on tripod. It was with the help of my Uni free library internet and when I was at home, it was on my slow  56k modem  internet connection.

In those times there was only dial up and the internet speeds were painfully slow,  compared to today. You can imagine building a website with those speeds. It could take a couple of days just to build one page of your webpage and it did.

Today i can build a whole website in just 10 to 15 minutes and then just tidy up  with some  good free design templates and free SEO WP plugins and its all done.

I actually built my first website learning html by- myself and coding my website from scratch.  I’d like to think my first website was a pretty good effort at that time. It was my personal web-diary so to speak. It was what most bloggers were doing at that time, today bloggers earn a full time income doing this (Not me,yet)

Fast forward  to today and I don’t need to code or mess around with html , CSS, Javascript or java anymore, because there is WORDPRESS.

So what is  wordpress ?

Many people dont know , but its a free software. Its is also one of the most popular  website building platform on the internet.

Prices for hosting 

best 2017 web hosting for blog and starting a website

So whats the catch ? – The software Its Free , but you need purchased hosting  to host your blog on it.  Purchased hosting  can be bought for anywhere  from $1- godaddy hosting , $3.95 Blue host hosting, $5.95 Hostgator hosting  to  $5000 a month hosting.

WordPress is one of the easiest  website building software available today, which makes it easy to install, build and maintain a website all by yourself.  Yes you can build a website in a total of just 10 minutes, I have done it and timed it. If you are not as tech savvy as me , you can add another 10 to 15 mins to the process.The whole setup with this software is done by just a point and click of your mouse.

Once you finish installing it with point and click , you will off course need to add content and so  you will need to type 😉

Designing the WP blog

You might need to spend some time  if you want a better design than the default word press design. To do this all you need to do is  go to the themes section and choose a better design from the free wp webdesigns and click to activate the new design.

So, we will feature over here on this site  – step by step deatiled guides  with pics or videos – How to install your wordpress website, add a great design /look to your webpage,  How to leverage SEO for google ranking and  also teach you how to start promoting  your website and getting traffic (the most important thing).

We will also feature regularly everything related to wordpress –  like review of amazing WP themes, WP plugins and software or scripts to enhance functionality and promote your website or blog.

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