Affiliate Disclaimer

Hi folks

I have started this website  to provide you with  helpful guides to start a blog or a website.

There are many  third party resources  that you will need to start a website, specially with wordpress  software like  website hosting , wordpress design templates, WP plugins and customisation scripts.

I will from time  to time recommend  providers that I have mostly worked with. I will also sometimes recommend providers that I have not worked with, but providers my colleagues in the design industry  recommend due  to their good experience with these products

Some of the providers that I have already used and  have affiliate partnerships are below.

You do not get charged any more than the purchase or discounted price  if you purchase a service  from any of my recommended links on this website, however I will be compensated with a small affiliate commission if you do. I will be using funds earned to put back into this site and help you even further.

Wish you the best  in your online adventure  🙂

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