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You got this bright idea, but don’t know where to start.  Starting a online shop or business can be easier than you think, you just need to pick the right products available that will make that process easier.

The setup process for an online store will be the same if you are in Australia, UK, United States or India.

Learn How to Create Your Own Online Store in 2017

What do I recommend to build a online shop. I have tried the more technical time consuming route using wordpress and woo commerce plugins and also the easy route with a service called shopify.  They both do the job.

However, In short I would recommend “Shopify  as its easy to setup, easy to use and will save you a lot of time compared to a WordPress and woo-commerce plugin build setup.

What you choose ultimately will be based on how much money you can afford to spend, the level of technical expertise you have, the amount of time you can spare towards your new venture – which are very important factors.

If you are concerned about price and  are willing to get down and dirty  figuring out  how it all works, then the cheaper option of wordpress + woocommerce plugin might suit you, but if you  just want to set up your shop quickly and don’t want to spend too much time managing your store then “shopify plan” is your option.

How to setup an online store with shopify ?

Its easy peasy and you can set it up in minutes and start selling. In-fact you can also use it to do drop-shipping  from popular platforms like Alibaba, Aliexpress and many more. You can also sell digital products from this online selling platform.


Steps to set up online store with Shopify

1.Go to shopify website gotowebsite


2. Enter emailyour email address needed


3. Provide a shop name and admin email name your shop

You will get details via email to login to your shop admin section, use your  password you created along with your email  to enter admin section and complete the setup of shop.

Once you are logged into the admin section, you can enter the website title, description etc in the shop admin panel.  Some of the  next essential steps are as below.


Choose a template

Not sure how to start an online store? The first step to creating an online store is selecting your shopify design template. Just pick a free design/template from within this admin area and activate  it or then purchase a template from within your admin area and activate it.

Applying a new design – via purchasing a template or applying a free template can be done with just point and click in seconds. You might have to tweak some settings though to make it look like the advertised design template.


Personalise your store

Once you have selected a template, you can customise your website to create an online store that reflects your brand. Then, showcase all the products you offer.

You can easily add photos, descriptions, available colours of your products and sizes.


Manage your store

Now that you have almost setup your online store, it’s time to get down to the day-to-day aspects of managing your online store. You can easily add new items, adds pictures , create a new category or collection or fill in more product details and content  to market your products.
  • Add special discounts and sale prices  for promos.

Comparison – Shopify Vs WordPress Woocommerce
Today I will give you brief points to compare shopify vs wordpress woo-commerce setup. I am not  going to fluff around and will get straight  to the point, so that you can make a informed decision and start your venture. Real entrepreneurs get things started and  improvise later. Here are details on shopify.
  • Easy setup – you can actually set up a shop in 10 minutes and start selling
  • Shopping carts inbuilt into software
  • Paypal , credit card payments and many other payments accepted out of the box
  • You get quick code to implement a sale button from your shopify shop to your other websites/blog
  • Heaps of add-on plugins available to enhance your online store functionality and increase sales
  • Free online Shopify design templates are available

  • Add on Plugins are also monthly payments rather than one offs if you use them
  • The paid templates are quite pricey


How do you setup a Online shop with wordpress ?

If you want  to setup an eCommerce store with  wordpress then you also need woocommerce which is the best  eCommerce wordpress plugin to make a online shop with wordpress.

What is WooCommerce?
WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully. Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world’s favourite eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control.

There are 3 components that make a “regular” website an “ecommerce” website – product pages, shopping cart, and a checkout process.

In short you can just purchase  hosting from a wordpress host like bluehost or wp engine, then install the WP Woocommerce plugin and  start selling.

You will need to add products and  fine tune your e-commerce setting in the woocommerce plugin setting panel before you begin selling.

Woo Commerce has a ton of options and tons of documentation.

WordPress & W00Commerce Pros

  • Its a cheaper option due to one off yearly WP hosting price and one off plugin price
  • WooCommerce open source e-commerce plugin can integrate with WordPress websites perfectly to create a powerful eCommerce store
  • WooCommerce is 100% open-source and many of its extensions, themes and plugins are free to use and distribute.
  • The WooCommerce stores are mobile friendly
  • There are thousands of paid add-ons available for purchase and free for wordpress and woocommerce

  • Servers for wordpress can be slow on shared hosting
  • It requires the good knowledge of both WordPress and WooCommerce to effectively use and update your store
  • It doesn’t offer hosting like shopify so you must get paid hosting and domain with woocommerce


Ezra Firestone of Smart Marketer has put together a 10 video course teaching potential merchants how to earn sales on their online store.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution: a course on how to get your first sale on Shopify!

This free shopify video course offers 10 video modules showing you how to make your first sale on Shopify using Facebook Ads. Covering everything from overview ,third party apps t0 facebook advertising. This course is designed to show you how easy it is to start and scale your business with Shopify.

Intro – Welcome

Video 1 – What To Expect

Video 2 – Where We Are In the World Of Ecomm

Video 3 – Faceless Ecomm Is Dead

Video 4 – Infrastructure

Video 5 – Offer Pages

Video 6 – Third-party Apps

Video 7 – Shopping Cart Checkout

Video 8 – Add Facebook Pixel to Your Shopify Store

Video 9 – Beyond The First Sale

Video 10 – Outro

How To Create a Facebook Shop Page

There are two ways of doing this ,creating  your facebook online shop and both of them involves creating a business page of facebook.

Go to your facebook account , create a business page  with your brand name details etc and add your website in the url section.

Once  your page is created,you go to your timeline you can see a button called Add a Shop Section. click add and enter all details and your set. This obviously is the Facebook way of setting up shop

But I prefer the shopify way –  The 2nd way is to add the shop via  your shopify  online shop admin page, you should be logged into both shopify and facebook to make this happen.

Selling on Facebook with Shopify

You can sell products directly on your Facebook page using the Facebook sales channel.

When you set up the Facebook sales channel, Facebook creates a Shop tab on your Facebook page which displays your products. Customers can check out on Facebook and you can view and fulfil orders in your Shopify admin.The Facebook sales channel is included in all paid Shopify plans

Start your shop today!

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